Caritas Lebanon strives for an environmentally sustainable economically inclusive developed world in which all people lead peaceful, just, and dignified lives in harmony and intergenerational solidarity

To achieve our vision we strive for an overall human, social, economic and environmental development. To improve the quality of life of all people in need, we are committed to helping every vulnerable person regardless of race, creed, identity or beliefs.

Our mission

We are the common official socio-pastoral arm of the local Catholic Church in service of the poor and the promotion of love, charity and justice.

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إنتخاب الأب ميشال عبود رئيسا لرابطة كاريتاس لبنان Wednesday 22 January 2020

انتخب الأب ميشال عبود رئيسا جديدا لرابطة كاريتاس لبنان خلفا للاب بول كرم الذي تنتهي ولايته القانونية في 31 آذار 2020 على ان تبدأ ولاية الاب عبود القانونية صباح اليوم التالي في الأول من نيسان المقبل، وذلك خلال انعقاد الدورة الإستثنائية لمناقشة أنظمة رابطة كاريتاس لبنان عقب الدورة العادية السنوية الـ53 لمجلس البطاركة والأساقفة الكاثوليك في لبنان التي عقدت في الصرح البطريركي في بكركي في تشرين الثاني 2019.

Financial Assistance for 2,000 Lebanese Families Amid Social and Economic Turmoil Friday 27 December 2019

Caritas Lebanon assisted in implementing “Together We Give Warmth” campaign that has been launched and funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The campaign aimed to financially assist 13,000 poor Lebanese families and individuals who are struggling to attain basic needs of living especially in winter and in mid of Lebanese economic and social crisis.

In Less than a Month: 469 Medical Assistance to Lebanese Communities Friday 20 December 2019

Starting the 20th of December 2019, Caritas’s health department’s Medical Mobile Unit has been visiting several rural areas across Lebanon to provide free medical consultations and distribute medicines for communities where medical aid and services are limited, not available, or inaccessible. The Medical Mobile Units visits, since December, has been able to provide help for around 469 individuals.

119 Youth Activities Organized During Christmas Sunday 01 December 2019

Caritas’ youth were able to organize recreational Christmas activities in December targeting around 2,600 children in various Lebanese regions.

Lebanese General Security Members Receive Certificates in Excel and Word Monday 24 June 2019

Microsoft Office Certificates in Excel and Word 2013 were distributed to 106 officers and members of the Lebanese General Security after completing all required courses at Caritas Lebanon - Academic Information and Technology Center and passing successfully passing Microsoft Office's official exams. 

Fghal Center Celebrates End of Academic Year  Friday 21 June 2019

Caritas's Fghal special education center celebrated end of 2018/2019 academic year which was followed by a small exhibition featuring handmade products made by the children of the center. 

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