ILO Prospects – Integrating Career Guidance and Employment Services in Akkar and North Lebanon

The project aims to establish smooth pathways for vulnerable Lebane...

Donor ILO
Budget 250,000 USD
Duration 2023-2024 (10 months)
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The overall objective of the project “Access to Protection and Li...

Donor Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Budget 1 Million USD
Duration 2022-2025 (3 years)
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ASE Program

This project, started in 2022 and still ongoing until September 202...

Donor NovoNordisk Foundation
Budget 1,7 Million USD
Duration 2022-2024 (2.5 years)
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Hand in Hand

The 24-month project “Hand in Hand: Integrated Social Protection ...

Donor Caritas Switzerland (In partnership with Caritas Lebanon)
Budget 1,000,000 USD
Duration 2020-2022 (2 years)
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BALADI Program

The program which extended for 10 years with a total amount of 15 m...

Budget 15 Millions USD
Duration 2012-2022 (10 years)
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