The 24-month project “Hand in Hand: Integrated Social Protection and Improved Livelihoods for Lebanese and Syrians” was jointly designed by Caritas Switzerland (CACH) and Caritas Lebanon (CL) with the aim of contributing to a reduction sustainable poverty of refugees and vulnerable people and host communities.


Caritas Switzerland (In partnership with Caritas Lebanon)


1,000,000 USD


2020-2022 (2 years)

Hand in Hand

The outcomes that guide the project to achieve the overarching objective of poverty reduction are: 1) providing quality social and affordable housing to vulnerable Lebanese households, and 2) improving social protection for vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese households through to a sustainable social enterprise program. These results were to be achieved through 1) the renovation of seven buildings (74 apartments in total) belonging to Caritas Lebanon in Dekwaneh, Lebanon, applying a Cash for Work (CFW) modality, thus providing vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese refugees with income-generating income. opportunities; 2) the ratification of a governance policy for the social fund and the updating of the CL rental guidelines.