The program which extended for 10 years with a total amount of 15 million dollars aimed to establish long-term partnerships with municipalities and municipal unions, as well as with NGOs, religious associations, community organizations and private sector entities, in order to carry out community projects and provide municipal services.

The districts where the projects were implemented included: Aley, Baabda, Baalbek, Bint Jbeil, Hasbaya, Marjeyoun, Metn, Nabatie, Rachaya, Saïda, West Beqaa and Zahle.




15 Millions USD


2012-2022 (10 years)

BALADI Program

23 projects were implemented in 23 municipalities and municipal unions, covering 12 districts: 2012-2022

-4 projects focused on multi-purpose leisure facilities (Qosaibe, Deir Mimas, Araya, Qornayel).
-2 projects involved the supply of computer laboratory equipment (of what) (Roumine, Deir El Ahmar).
-4 projects were dedicated to sustainable and renewable energy initiatives (Kfarmeshke, Ramlieh, Baaloul and Zawtar El Gharbie).
-4 projects aimed to promote ecotourism (Kahale, Qob Elias, Kawkaba, Khenshara).
-4 projects focused on agri-food processing services (Anjar, Ghareb EL Aala, Khiara).
-5 projects were dedicated to the development of sports centers (Saïda, Rmeich, Majedelbaana, Jabal EL Sheikh, Chiyah).

20 projects were carried out in collaboration with national NGOs and religious organizations, facilitated by the RFCA (Request for Community Assistance) with funding of up to $50,000 per project: 2020-2022

-7 projects focused on capacity building
-20 projects involved the supply of equipment
-1 project was dedicated to sustainable and renewable energy initiatives
-4 projects were dedicated to minor rehabilitation

Among these, 5 projects specifically targeted NGOs and social centers impacted by the Beirut port explosion, with funding of up to $25,000 per project.