This project, started in 2022 and still ongoing until September 2024, and aims to strengthen the technical and commercial knowledge of the participants in this project and offers financial and technical support for the start-up of small businesses, in addition to assistance with job placement and providing ongoing coaching.


NovoNordisk Foundation


1,7 Million USD


2022-2024 (2.5 years)

ASE Program

The project takes a personalized approach to empower young individuals, providing them with advice and assistance to ease their transition into traditional employment/work placement, or into self-employment.

It addresses youth unemployment through life skills training and tailored TVET (Vocational and Technical Training) sessions in areas such as agriculture and agri-food, light construction and ICT (digital information).

To date, the project has reached significant milestones with the training of more than 500 young individuals of Lebanese and Syrian nationalities, with a strong emphasis on promoting equality, successfully employed more than 200 young people, benefiting more than 150 MSMEs, and initiated 40 new start-ups, in the governorates of Bekaa and Beirut and Mount Lebanon.