Protection and Health Assistance in Emergencies for Vulnerable Girls, Boys, Women and Men in Lebanon

10,770 unique beneficiary

Donor Caritas Austria with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADA)
Budget 1,3 EUR
Duration December 2023 - April 2025
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LEA: Eradication of All forms of forced labor and exploitation in Lebanon

  • Migrant Workers Communities
  • Migrant Domestic Workers...

Donor Funded by the European Union & the Austrian Development Cooperation, implemented by Caritas Austria, Caritas Lebanon, Kafa & Amel
Budget N/A
Duration 2024-2026
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ILO Prospects – Integrating Career Guidance and Employment Services in Akkar and North Lebanon

The project aims to establish smooth pathways for vulnerable Lebane...

Donor ILO
Budget 250,000 USD
Duration 2023-2024 (10 months)
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The overall objective of the project “Access to Protection and Li...

Donor Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Budget 1 Million USD
Duration 2022-2025 (3 years)
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ASE Program

This project, started in 2022 and still ongoing until September 202...

Donor NovoNordisk Foundation
Budget 1,7 Million USD
Duration 2022-2024 (2.5 years)
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Hand in Hand

The 24-month project “Hand in Hand: Integrated Social Protection ...

Donor Caritas Switzerland (In partnership with Caritas Lebanon)
Budget 1,000,000 USD
Duration 2020-2022 (2 years)
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BALADI Program

The program which extended for 10 years with a total amount of 15 m...

Budget 15 Millions USD
Duration 2012-2022 (10 years)
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LEA – Lebanon: Eradication of All forms of forced labor and exploitation

Donor EU and Caritas Austria
Budget N/A
Duration N/A
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C.E.I. 260/2018: Restoring Dignity and hope of women migrant domestic workers in Lebanon through ‎vocational trainings

Donor Conference Episcopale Italiana
Budget N/A
Duration N/A
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