THYME Project

The THYME project activities were fully implemented during the past two-year duration, ensuring that all intermediate and final objectives are achieved within established timelines, budget constraints, and quality standards.
THYME Methodology Application in the Arab Area: This work package focused on disseminating the methodologies developed in Italy and Spain to tutors and organizations in partner countries, namely Lebanon and Jordan. By facilitating training sessions within the native contexts of these young participants, utilizing European techniques, the project aimed to equip both youth and youth trainers with valuable skills and approaches. Specifically, the objectives include involving young people in workshops on intercultural competence and political participation, providing frameworks for Spanish using “Head, Heart, and Hands” technique in addition to the Italian one “Feet, Heart, Head, and Hands” technique, empowering youth workers with necessary resources, fostering youth organization development, and promoting active citizenship among youth in Lebanon.
By executing these objectives, the project has enhanced youth engagement, addressed local and global challenges, and fostered a culture of empowerment and participation among youth in the Arab region.

Narrative- Implementation of the project activities

• Kick of meeting hosted in Jordan (May 2022)

The project was initialized by a kick of meeting on the 10th of May till the 12th of May 2022 hosted in Jordan- Amman, where both the project manager and project officer joined to discuss in details the activities to be held under THYME.

During these 3 days workshop, thorough discussions took place regarding the various components and initiatives envisioned for implementation within the project framework. Steps of the project

• A transnational meeting hosted in Spain by Scholas (December 2022)

The meeting took place in Madrid facilitated discussions concerning the upcoming camps in Lebanon. During the meeting, meticulous attention was given to allocating the budget to ensure that activities are well-defined and quality is upheld.

• Spanish workshop/ camp for youth in Lebanon (December 2022)

This camp has equipped Lebanese youth participants with pedagogical approach and methodology which are the ones applied by Scholas’ educators during the “Scholas Citizenship” experience. The participants have learned how to facilitate discussions, analysis among young people regarding issues they perceive as relevant and urgent on both global and local levels. The workshop has included also a practical application of the methodology on field, emphasizing the “learning by doing” approach.

The Spanish workshop took place from 9 December till 18 December 2022 at Ste. Therese School, Amioun, North Lebanon

Trainers responsible for this eight-day camp included:
– Myriam and Desiree from Scholas Spain
– Mireille and steven from Lebanon
– Rita and Perla from LDN
A total of 50 youth participants were engaged in the camp.

The camp’s activities revolved around utilizing “ART” as the primary domain to address cultural issues. Participants’ ideas were integrated using “Head,” sentiments and emotions using “Heart” (including expressions of anger, happiness, etc.), and actual creation on a canvas using “Hands” over eight consecutive days.

The outcome of the workshop was a massive artistic painting depicting a large balance with a watchful eye overhead, divided into two colors: red symbolizing negative intentions and negativity, and blue representing positive intentions and positivity.

Picture of the painting

• Italian workshop/ camp for youth in Lebanon (January 2023)
This workshop has educated young people in Lebanon about “global citizenship,” and enhanced their intercultural and global skills. Additionally, this camp has provided training to youth on the Italian methodology while implementing it in their respective home countries.

The Italian camp took place from 2 January till 9 January 2023 in Ste. Therese School, Amioun, North Lebanon

Below are the trainers in charge of the eight-day camp:
– Stefania and Gabriella youth trainers from EITD
– Charly and Jack trainers from CARITAS LEBANON
– Rita and Perla youth trainers from LDN

Nevertheless, 30 young people (11F and 19M) attended the camp and were incorporated into the project’s approaches, which are based on Italian cultural values. Hand, Heart, Head, and Feet

The camp’s activities were divided into groups based on different themes, and each group was entrusted with investigating and discussing a particular concept or topic. Among them were:

1- Inter-generational Cultural Divide: Participants discussed the clash between traditional and modern mentalities, particularly focusing on issues such as rigid adherence to cultural norms by the older generation, contrasting with the evolving attitudes of the youth towards divorce, fashion, parental respect, and the preservation of authentic cultural practices.

2- Environmental Conservation: Another group focused on strategies for environmental preservation and sustainability. They discussed and proposed initiatives such as promoting eco-friendly practices like the adoption of electric vehicles, recycling programs, and reforestation efforts… aimed at reducing pollution. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles through proper diet plans and regular physical exercise.

3- Political and Economic Challenges: Addressing the pressing national issues, another group tackled the political and economic crises facing Lebanon. This involved examining the aftermath of widespread corruption, the severe devaluation of the Lebanese lira against the dollar, and the resultant triple crisis impacting the health sector, economy, and society at large. They highlighted the challenges such as the shortage of essential medications for chronic diseases and cancer patients, the migration of healthcare professionals seeking better opportunities abroad, and the terrible financial situation with salaries reduced to $20 per month.

These themes were translated into creative scenes utilizing the “Head, Hand, and Heart” strategies, where participants engaged intellectually “Head”, expressed themselves through artistic creation “Hand”, and connected emotionally with the issues “Heart”.

Moreover, on January 6, 2023, the camp incorporated the “Feet” strategy by organizing a walking tour of Jbeil city. This excursion provided a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of the region, exploring archaeological sites, experiencing ancient folklore, and traversing historic pathways. During this day, a photography competition was held, encouraging youth to capture meaningful moments that resonated with them personally, thus integrating the “Hands” element. The winner of the competition was awarded a trip to Naples, adding an exciting incentive to the immersive cultural experience.

• A transnational meeting hosted in Lebanon by Caritas Lebanon (August 2023)
During this meeting, a comprehensive assessment was undertaken to evaluate the activities that had been previously implemented. Additionally, all necessary arrangements and preparations were finalized in anticipation of the upcoming visit to Naples. The purpose of the evaluation was to measure the effectiveness of the activities carried out thus far and to make any necessary adjustments or improvements for future endeavors. The preparations for the visit to Naples involved coordinating schedules, and outlining objectives for the trip.

Overall, the meeting was essential to reflect on past achievements, address any challenges encountered, and ensure readiness for the forthcoming visit.

• Lebanese youth mobility in Italy (September 2023)

The Thyme project united a group of people for a journey, from Lebanon to Italy. To kick things off they took the time to get to know each other and understand their mission. The detailed itinerary and schedule set the stage for a series of experiences. One memorable moment was visiting Saint Gennaro in Naples, where they saw the fascinating miracle of blood turning from solid to liquid eagerly anticipated by the locals. Another day they enjoyed a boat trip to explore the surroundings up close. The journey also included training sessions at the center involving activities like drawing on canvas and hosting visits from officials. For some added excitement they went on a day trip to witness volcano display blending discovery, with skill building activities to wrap up their Thyme project adventure.
The below are the pictures taken during the visit in Naples

• Final PMB meeting: It took place on the sidelines of the final event and will take place in Naples, Italy. (April 2024).