UNHCR (BML, Bekaa, North and South)‎

In partnership with UNHCR, the project “Strengthening the Protection Environment and Education for ‎Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Bekaa North, and the South”, endeavors to address ‎the needs of refugees and asylum-seekers in these Lebanese regions. ‎
‎-‎ The education component delivers vital services including basic literacy and numeracy programs for ‎out-of-school children, homework support groups for students registered in public schools, retention support ‎for students in grades 8 and 9, recreational activities, and awareness sessions covering various educational ‎and non-educational topics. ‎
‎-‎ The protection component, operating within the same project framework, establishes Community ‎Development Centers (CDCs) across diverse areas in Lebanon that serve as safe spaces for refugees and the ‎host community. These centers offer:‎
‎-‎ Comprehensive Community-Based Protection (CBP) services, including vocational and educational ‎training, awareness sessions, and life skills programs for children, youth, and adults of the refugee and host ‎communities. ‎
‎-‎ Legal services and specialized legal support are extended to refugees in need, encompassing ‎assistance and counseling on civil documentation, marriage and birth registrations, housing issues, and ‎representation in specific court cases. Legal experts also conduct awareness sessions focusing on refugee ‎rights and provide updates on pertinent legal matters. ‎
‎-‎ Gender-based violence (GBV) survivors and persons at risk of GBV are adequately assessed in safe ‎spaces and receive quality GBV case management and other services, including safe shelters
‎-‎ Children and adolescents at risk are adequately assessed and enter an operationalized best-interest ‎procedure. CL ensures a holistic intervention for children, families, and communities by better equipping ‎them to prevent and address child protection risks. ‎
‎-‎ Persons with Specific Needs (PWSN) at heightened risk are identified and have access to quality ‎case management support, psychosocial support, and other specialized services.‎
‎-‎ Protection and/or emergency cash assistance are provided for persons of concern with protection ‎and/or specific needs and those at imminent risk to prevent, mitigate, or address their protection risks.‎
‎-‎ Through the activities, the project aims to promote inclusion by targeting women, men, children, ‎persons with disabilities, and elderly individuals within the refugee and host communities. The interventions ‎follow a sustainable approach of risk identification, mitigation, prevention, and community empowerment ‎against potential challenges. ‎
‎-‎ The Basic Assistance (BA) component, in collaboration with UNHCR, is mainly tasked to deliver BA to ‎individuals classified as vulnerable forcibly displaced, and stateless persons residing in both North and Akkar ‎governorate.‎
‎-‎ We carry out a comprehensive array of activities as part of this initiative, with a primary emphasis ‎on addressing the difficulties encountered by individuals facing various forms of adversity. These activities ‎encompassed the following:‎
Conducting assessments related to Core Relief Items and distribution.‎
‎-‎ Implementing card validation procedures.‎
‎-‎ Distributing Personal Identification Numbers.‎
‎-‎ UNIQLO items distribution.‎
‎-‎ Distributing weatherproofing materials.‎
‎-‎ Conducting phone outreach to address missed card validation appointments.‎
‎-‎ Monitoring Automated Teller Machines.‎
‎-‎ Post Distribution Monitoring/Outcome Monitoring (PDM/OM) Assessments.‎
‎-‎ Conducting assessments for the PCAP3.‎
‎-‎ VASyR Assessment
‎-‎ RNA Assessment and distribution.‎
‎-‎ Provide support to the UNHCR info office and distribution sites when needed.‎