International Organization for Migration





IOM-CARE project

Lebanon has long been grappling with socioeconomic challenges, including political instability, economic ‎crisis, and high unemployment rates. Migrant workers, who make up a significant portion of the labor force ‎have not been secured the tragedies and are increasingly facing difficulties in accessing necessities. Typically ‎coming from African and Asian countries seeking employment opportunities and better livelihoods, migrant ‎workers in Lebanon frequently find themselves in low-paying jobs with substandard working conditions, ‎exacerbating their vulnerability within society. With the financial support of IOM, CL aims to provide a total ‎of 700 unique vulnerable male and female migrant workers in Lebanon with legal awareness, assistance, ‎and multipurpose cash, as per the below activities:‎
‎-‎ ‎520 beneficiaries will receive awareness sessions on protection and legal topics
‎-‎ ‎150 beneficiaries will receive case management ‎
‎-‎ ‎150 beneficiaries will receive PCA for 3 months‎
‎-‎ ‎35 beneficiaries will receive legal assistance‎