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Day Care for Children of Refugees and Migrants in Lebanon

The general objective of the center is to alleviate the challenges faced by migrants and refugees in Lebanon ‎through efforts to enhance access to quality education, leading to a lasting transformation in the lives of ‎these children and their families. ‎
‎-‎ The center provides migrant children with the opportunity to learn basic reading and writing skills in ‎two languages: Arabic and English, as well as mathematics, while respecting the diversity of their cultures ‎and traditions, as well as their countries and mother tongues. If their family opt to live in Europe or America, ‎they will be able to integrate into a regular Lebanese program or a foreign school after completing this ‎bilingual education. Children are also involved in artistic and cultural activities to help them develop their ‎creativity, self-confidence, and talents. By instilling the values of responsibility, sociability, and critical ‎thinking, this education promotes their intellectual and cultural development.‎
‎-‎ Located in the heart of Beirut, the center gives the opportunity to free kindergarten education to ‎migrants and refugees including: recreational and educational activities, integration into the Lebanese ‎society, and living a dignified life. The project consists of 2 Nursery’s classes, 2 classes of KG1, and 2 classes ‎of KG2. ‎