Missio Munich delegation visit

A delegation from Missio Munich in Germany recently visited Caritas Lebanon Headquarters in SinElFil.

The delegation included the Auxiliary Bishop of Speyer Msgr. Otto Georgens, the President of Missio Munich Msgr. Wolfgang Huber, the Director of the International Cooperation of Missio Munich Mrs. Alexandra Roth, and the radio journalist from Bavarian Broadcast Corporation Mrs. Isabel Hartmann.

The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the cooperation and partnership that began between Missio Munich and Caritas Lebanon in 2012. The delegation thanked Caritas for its outstanding efforts in providing humanitarian, relief and social services to vulnerable people in Lebanon. They pledged to continue supporting and enhancing cooperation with Caritas Lebanon in its important work.

During the visit, the delegation was able to see firsthand, Caritas Lebanon’s work in various community centers and shelters.

They stopped first at one of Caritas Lebanon’s community centers, where the delegation met with staff from the protection department. From there, they headed to Beth Aleph preschool, and then to a safe shelter, where they met with staff and migrants’ beneficiaries among children and women who were victims of human trafficking, and expressed their support for Caritas Lebanon.

The visit was capped off with a meeting with Caritas Lebanon President Rev. Father Abboud at his office, in the presence of the Executive Director Mr. Gilbert Zouein and the Director of Programs Nayla El-Khoury, where they discussed the challenges facing Caritas in the current crisis and the services provided to those in need. And during the lunch they shared together, the delegation pledged to continue supporting Caritas Lebanon and to enhance cooperation between Missio Munich and Caritas.