Handover ceremonies in Metn sectors

The head of Metn1 sector Hauda Nassar Rayes and the members’ committee were reappointed for a second term, and Father Michel Attieh was appointed as a spiritual guide for the sector.
There was also a handover ceremony between the current Headvof the Metn 2 sector, Dr. Paula Al-Harawi, and the new one Wafaa Mikhael Nseir, as well as the appointment of Father Francis Al-Azzi as a spiritual guide, in addition to a new sector committee. In the Metn 3 sector, the current Head of sector Mary Thereze Labaki was reappointed, and a new committee were appointed, as well as the spiritual guide Father Charbel Bou Abboud. All the handover ceremonies took place in the presence of the Caritas General Supervisor, Bishop Antoine Bou Najm, Caritas president Father Michel Abboud, the sectors’ coordinator Father Roland Murad, and the participation of Father Dani Ephram.