Donors visit CL to explore IRC projects under LFF

A group of donor representatives visited Caritas Lebanon’s (CLs) Headquarters in Sin El Fil to explore the projects carried out under the “Support for Social Recovery Needs of Vulnerable Groups in Beirut” project implemented by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and funded by the Lebanon Financing Facility (LFF), administered by the World Bank.

During the meeting, Caritas team presented the projects implemented in Beirut and Mount Lebanon areas:

  • The Health Project supporting 500 beneficiaries, from People with Disabilities (PWDs) and vulnerable older persons, and offering them improved access to treatment and health care services through CL’s Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) and the Primary HealthCare Centers (PHCCs) in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.
  • The Protection Project offering 105 beneficiaries from Vulnerable survivors and those at at-risk of GBV access to quality services at the safe shelters and are provided with a variety of assistances.

In turn, the IRC provided an overview of the national context and an update on the progress of the social recovery project.

Afterwards, the donors visited the PHCC and one of the MMUs, for a summary of the HealthCare services delivered by Caritas to the beneficiaries.