CL special meeting at the Officers’ Club in Yarze

At the invitation of Caritas Lebanon’s Board of Directors, a special meeting was organized for the members of the organization at the Officers’ Club in Yarze, where attendees gathered around a warm dinner table to exchange experiences and knowledge.
His Excellency, Archbishop Simon Faddoul, the organization’s former president, started the meeting by a prayer. Then, President Father Michel Abboud gave an emotional speech about Caritas’ compassionate and humanitarian mission, highlighting the importance of each member’s contribution to fulfilling this noble goal.
The meeting focused on the organization’s ongoing and prospective difficulties and emphasized Caritas members’ support at all times. Additionally, it was proposed to establish a circumstantial commission to support the old cadre of Caritas as per the organization’s bylaws.
The gathering was a perfect example of Caritas members working together in harmony to fulfill their great humanitarian purpose.