“Enhancement of Non-Violent Conflict Resolution”

Caritas Lebanon- Youth in partnership with the German NGO Starkmacher is implementing the project “Enhancement of Non-Violent Conflict Resolution” in Lebanese Schools and in Diverse Dialogue Circles as a Contribution to Societal Stabilization and Conflict Prevention”, funded by ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (zivic Funding Programme) and provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The goal of the “Be Buddies not Bullies” project is to reduce violence and discrimination, and foster mutual understanding on a community level regardless of religion between refugees in two societal sectors: schools and community neighborhoods. Both students and teachers are trained to apply various tactics in order to resolve conflicts nonviolently by executing the peer mediation method, the participatory approach class room council and interventions against bullying and cyberbullying. Parents and caregivers are also informed about the different types of approaches. In addition to the training sessions in schools, dialogue circles between women, refugees, and diverse religious communities in different local neighborhoods are enforced to pave the way for a better mutual understanding including reducing common negative perceptions.