The Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development and Investment (BALADI) program is a USAID funded program, founded in 2012.
BALADI works on expanding the Lebanese municipalities’ horizons through funding and executing their projects.
Today BALADI serves 155,000 beneficiaries and has 69 partners. It initiated 28 projects that are currently ongoing:

Baladi On-going Projects

Cold Storage of Ainata project (Bekaa)
Litani Li project (West Bekaa)
Rehabilitation of the Kahale Traditional Mill project (Aley)
Model Village of Kawkaba project (Rachaya district)
Khenchara-Jwar Droubna Trails project (Metn district)
Qsaibe Educated Youth Protects Environment project (Nabatieh district)
Saida Stadium for All project (Saida district)
Sour Traditional Mark Arts project (Sour district)
Development of Socio-Economic and Environmental Potential of Anjar (Zahle district)
Arab Salim Cultural Center (Nabatieh district)
Promote the role of the local community in Aramoun (Aley District)
135+ Pines Park – Araya (Baabda district)
Green Baaloul (West Beqaa district)
Electricity for All in Bab Mareaa (West Beqaa district)
Rehabilitation of the Football Court in Chiyah (Baabda District)

Roofing and Equipping the Sports Stadium in Deir El Ahmar (Baalbeck District)
Deir Mimas Social Center (Marjeyoun District)
Cooperative of Gharb al Aala (Aley District)
Rehabilitation of the Sports Stadium in Dahr El Ahmar (Rashaya district)
Solar Electricity, Solar Hot Water and Energy Efficiency in Kfarmishki (Rashaya district)
House of Mouni in Khiyara (West Beqaa district)
Jabal Sporting Stadium in Majdal Baana (Aley district)
Eco-Tourism and Preserving the Heritage of Qob Elias (Zahle district)
Hybrids Solar Power System for Water Pumping Station in Qornayel (Baabda district)
Towards Sustaining Local Livelihood through Promoting Solar Energy Solutions in Ramlieh (Aley district)
Renovation of a Basketball Court in Rmeish (Bint Jbeil district)
Roumin Cultural Center (Nabatieh district)
Renovation of Cultural Center in Zawtar El Gharbiyeh (Nabatieh district)