Workshop raising awareness on human rights

Within the framework of the Community Policing project, funded by FIIAPP, CIVIPOL and EU, and under the title “Not for Rent, Not for Sale, NO for Human Trafficking”, Caritas Lebanon has led a workshop training of trainers (TOT) on human rights for migrants, refugees and stateless community mobilizers. The training aims to shed light on the principles of human rights and whether they are obligatory for states to adopt them, conditions of residence in host countries (Interactive participation), racist issues and challenges faced by the communities in Lebanon refugees and migrants, as well as the problems faced by workers during COVID 19 and the economic crisis in Lebanon.

In addition, Lieutenant Colonel Halim Al-Jurdi, of the Internal Security Forces, explained to the participants the concept of human trafficking, the concept of legal protection, methods of protection and ways to report, the role of embassies and organizations in protection and solutions, and the role of the law enforcement in protection and referral. At the end of the workshop, certificates were distributed to all participants, as they make sure to raise awareness in their communities, and training its members on their civil and social rights and human trafficking.