Upper Shouf sector Annual Fundraising

The Caritas Lebanon-Upper Shouf Sector organized a fundraising musical evening on August 19, 2023, at the Emir Youssef Shehab palace (Deir El Qamar municipality), in Deir El Qamar.

Elie Rizkallah, interior designer and painter, performed a bouquet of Lebanese and Egyptian oldies songs, accompanied by 5 elite musicians who thrilled the audience that gathered religious leaders, heads of municipalities, elected officials, heads of associations, Elie Rizkallah’s fans and Caritas supporters.

Before the magic of the musical moment started, the Head of Sector, Dr. Souleima Ghorayeb Boustany, offered a brief overview of the Upper Shouf Sector work and presented the figures for years 2022-2023, the expectations for 2024 and the hindrances and difficulties the sector is facing in fundraising.

A short video was run in memory of Dr. John Fayad (Child and adolescent psychiatrist, and pianist/composer) who used to assist the sector in its fundraising events.