Cleaning campaign in Wadi Al-Mahlab

December-March 2021

More than 29,000 Food Kits will be Distributed in North Lebanon over the next quarter

Caritas Lebanon focuses on highlighting the efficiency of partnership in times of crisis particularly now, as Lebanon is facing major crises on many fronts that demand dynamic humanitarian interventions.

One recent example is the valuable partnership with the World Food Programme. This joint effort covers all the regions of Lebanon with particular emphasis on North Lebanon and provides 9,700 food kits on a monthly basis to 10,000 families in need of basic food resources. Over this quarter Caritas is moving forward with the implementation and distribution process in coordination with the Sectors of North Lebanon including Amioun, Koura, Tripoli, Zgharta and Bsharri. We thank our partner, the World Food Programme for allowing us to respond to Lebanese communities suffering from the effects of multiple crisis. In coordination with our partners we share knowledge, capabilities and resources with our beneficiaries in greatest need [Deus Caritas Est, 2005].



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