Our Programs

Caritas Lebanon’s Programs, Projects & Objectives

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria on March 2011, the Emergency and Refugee Department has reached an estimated 500,000 refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq, and other countries. The primary intervention sectors needed are Protection, Basic Assistance, Health, Education and Social Cohesion.

They are in-line with the “Reform, Recovery & Reconstruction Framework” (3RF), a continuation to the Beirut Port Explosions response of 2020 (Beirut Blast).

Caritas is also an implementing partner for OCHA under the Emergency Response Plan (ERP), born from the wombs of the Economic Crisis/Covid response.

Caritas programs target 8 LCRP sectors (out of 10), which objectives are listed as following :

  1. Basic Assistance sector :

    Strengthen the ability of vulnerable populations, households and individuals (including female-headed HHs, persons with disabilities and children), affected by seasonal hazards, economic crisis and emergencies, to secure and meet their basic survival needs.

    UNHCR Lebanon, Secteurs/UrgentAid, Local Donations, Australia Sponsorship, EA21/23, Family 2 Family, USA Sponsorship, Milk-Diapers Kits, MPC4B

  2. Education sector :

    Enhance Access to, and Demand from Children, Youth and Their Caregivers, for Equitable Formal or Regulated Non-Formal Education. Improve the Quality of Education Services and Learning Environment to Ensure Grade-Appropriate Learning Outcomes for Children and Youth.

    DCV-Dbayeh, RHEP, ASP-KMW, Beth Aleph, UNHCR Lebanon, Special Needs, EA21/23, ACL, ETL

  3. Food Security sector :

    Improve Food Availability using in-kind food assistance modality and sustainable food/agricultural value chain. Enhance Food Access through cash-based food assistance and support to sustainable agricultural livelihoods.

    Local Donations, CRS-RC, WFP National, EA21/23

  4. Health sector :

    Improve access to comprehensive primary healthcare (PHCC and MMU), including access to hospital (plus ER care) and advanced referral care (advanced diagnostic laboratory and radiology care). Respect Fundamental Rights and Services for peoples in all their diversity with access to basic health services and information.

    CRS-PWD, Beth Aleph, DCV-MH, Caritas Spain MMU, Local Donations, UNFPA National, EA21/23, BMZ

  5. Livelihoods sector :

    Stimulate Local Economic Development and Market Systems to Create Income Generating Opportunities and Employment. Improve Workforce Employability Comprising all Persons of Working Age, Where Employability Refers to a Set of Capacities & Abilities.

    RHEP, USAID-Baladi, YAP Sponsorship, MicroProjects, EA21/23, HiH Buildings

  6. Protection/CP/GBV sector :

    Respect the fundamental rights of women, girls, men and boys in all their diversity to access an effective justice and protection system. Host population, Refugees and Migrants are safe, empowered and supported in their communities, with access to life saving services.

    CRS-PWD, RHEP, Beth Aleph, UNHCR Lebanon, CRS-RC, DEP, ProVictimis, MIRA, CS-Shelters, Misereor

  7. Social Stability :

    Set up a structure by local institutions (municipality, UoM, SDCs & gatherings) to enable the participation of residents, civil society & private sector, and collect their opinions on needs, priorities, and sources of tensions at the local level so as to inform local decision-makers.

    USAID-Baladi, Youth Empowerment Program YEP, Local Donations

  8. Shelter/HLP :

    Respond to the immediate shelter needs of the most vulnerable households. Contribute to longer term repair or rehabilitation and occupancy of damaged buildings. Support multi-sectoral approaches to rehabilitate affected areas.

    3BC-Cach, Humanitarian Aids, Local Donations, Hungary Helps, DCV-Rehab, EA21/23