Caritas and OMT help 1,000 affected families in Beirut

December 2020

Caritas and OMT help 1,000 affected families in Beirut

OMT, in Collaboration with Caritas Lebanon and the coordination of the Lebanese Army, organized a generous initiative entitled We stand beside Beirut and donated one billion Lebanese pounds to help 1,000 families in need and who were affected by the explosion.

Through a partnership with Hand in Hand, CL assessed affected families in the Beirut Blast area. Social workers headed down to the streets to meet the families and offer them support.

Visiting the affected families was not a quick process, each home had a story to tell and its pain to share. Some had lost their homes entirely and were relocated, others were injured or lost loved ones. But through it all, and despite all the hurt, the Caritas/OMT team was met with big hearts and matching smiles. Implementation was split into two parts. For phase 1 500 million LBP were provided to 500 families and in phase 2 OMT donated 5000 LBP from the original transfer fees of every “OMT Intra” operation. The overall shared revenue and donations reached one billion LBP to the citizens of Beirut living under hard circumstances.


With your support the impossible is possible.


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