Annual Mass – Saida, Al Zahrani, and Nabatieh Sector

28 November 2021

Caritas Lebanon’ Saida, Al Zahrani and Nabatieh sectors celebrated their annual mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of Mantara in Maghdouche on Sunday November 28.

The Mass was presided over by Bishop Elie Bechara Al Haddad, with the assistance of Bishop Maroun Al Ammar, President Father Michel Abboud, Archimandrite Samir Nohra and Caritas Lebanon’s Chaplain, Father Charles Sawaya.

In the presence of Archbishop Maroun Kiwan and Sectors Coordinator, Father Roland Mrad. After the divine liturgy, Father Abboud talked about God’s continuous blessings and all the work Caritas Lebanon is doing for those in need through God’s love.

Chief Sector, Yasser Samia, thanked the attendees and presented the many services Caritas Lebanon offers at the Sectors!