hand in Hand


“Hand in Hand” is a 24-months multipurpose project implemented by Caritas Lebanon with cooperation and funding from Caritas Schweiz (CACH) and Caritas Polska

The project’s main goal is to achieve effective social investment and sustainable poverty reduction by setting up a sustainable Social Enterprise scheme at Caritas Lebanon.

On one hand, the objective is to improve the livelihoods of the vulnerable host community by renovating Caritas Lebanon’s social housing buildings in Dekweneh that have been existing since the 1980s, which will provide the Lebanese households qualified and affordable housing.

On the other hand, the work of construction and renovation will generate opportunities for employment for vulnerable Lebanese and refugees in order to improve their social status.

Today, the structural renovation work for five social housing buildings is in progress in Dekwaneh.

Thanks to Caritas Switzerland and Caritas Poland through the accomplishment of the Hand in Hand project, we will be able to guarantee social protection and dignified housing.

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