The Caritas Lebanon Association announced that it has started the process of registering students with learning difficulties for the new school year 2021-2022, starting from the first of this July to the fifteenth of it, and also from the first of next September until the fifteenth of it, in the humanitarian centers of Caritas Lebanon, specifically in the Caritas Lebanon Center Patriarch Sfeir in Zahle, Beit Georgette and Hanna Romanos Center in Shawaliq, Lebaa, Hope Center in Bhersaf, and Fegal Center in Jbeil.

These centers wishing to register their sons and daughters are informed that the administration receives them during the aforementioned days, from eight thirty in the morning until twelve thirty in the afternoon, taking into account all necessary precautions.

During the months of May and June, work continued in Caritas humanitarian centers with students and with parents, remotely and in presence, according to a clear and prepared program.

The most prominent activities that were held at the level of the Lebanese regions are the following:

  • Individual follow-up in the classroom and group remotely for the group of 350 students registered in all centers
  • Individual treatment follow-up in the center and remotely for those who did not attend
  • A training course for team members in the four centers remotely under the title: Child Protection
  • Follow-up remote training courses for all workers in the centers
  • Conducting written examinations for students in learning difficulties and assessment centers in Feghal Center
  • Medical examination, drug distribution, and laboratory tests for students, parents and staff, in coordination with the medical department of the association
  • Team assessment meetings for each student
  • Preparing assessment reports for each student
  • Receiving new applications with the appropriate evaluation conducted in order to determine the possibility of receiving new students in the center and in the appropriate class
  • Preparing holiday notebooks
  • Preparing for next year
  • Preparing short documentaries and sending them to parents on various topics in order to raise awareness and urge children to follow up in appropriate ways.