As part of its dynamic response to the outbreak of the Corona virus, Caritas Lebanon launched an initiative headed by Father Michel Abboud to support those infected with the Corona virus on all Lebanese territories by providing 150 oxygen devices for free, in an effort to alleviate the health crisis on our society.

In front of the Association’s headquarters in Sin El Fil, the announcement of this initiative was in the presence of the technical team leader, Dr. Charbel Karam, and Dr. William Abella, representing the Latin Apostolic Vicariate in Lebanon, with which cooperation has been made and with many donors to implement this project, in addition to the presence of the team of specialist nurses and the directors of the Association.

The opening speech of the Association’s President, Father Michel Abboud, thanked the donors for supporting Caritas in securing these devices in order to support the most needy and those who cannot pay hospital costs or even conduct PCR tests or secure oxygen machines and oxymeters by the most technical and professional possible means.

There was also a presentation to Vice President Dr. Nicolas Hajjar about Caritas' approach in the health field, pointing to the presence of the League since 1972 on the side of the Lebanese people in light of all crises leading to the Corona crisis.


As for the technical aspect, the public health doctor, Dr. Charbel Karam, referred to the professional implementation of the project and the provision of a high-quality service, whether in terms of imported machines or in terms of the service of the specialized team.

He also referred to the basic procedures and conditions required to deliver oxygen and oxymeters to homes, including securing a prescription after the patient is discharged from the hospital, and declared the hot numbers: 70104407-70104985, which will be available 24/7 for the service.

Then Dr. William Abella, an emergency physician, praised the close cooperation between the League and the Latin Apostolic Vicariate in Lebanon, putting all his energies in the service of the project and its organization, as he sought to establish a working group consisting of technicians and specialists in the field of nursin