Reunion in Rabweh to activate the work of Caritas Lebanon’s sectors under the slogan of "Together for a Better Life

At the invitation of the Sectors Coordinator in Caritas Lebanon, Father Roland Mrad, and the Heads of Caritas Lebanon’s sectors met in private on Saturday, May 22, 2021, at the Liqaa center in Rabweh. During this meeting, Father Roland Murad laid out a clear road map to activate and organize the sectors’ work with the Heads, the central administration, President Father Michel Abboud, Vice President Dr. Nicola Hajjar, and CEO Gilbert Zouein.

The assembly was under the patronage and presence of the supervisor of Caritas’ work, Bishop Michel Aoun. The meeting date coincided with the Pentecost festival commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit who is a major factor influencing the church and believers, so Bishop Michel Aoun explained in his spiritual speech the meanings and importance of Pentecost.

The General Guide, Father Charles Sawaya, opened the meeting with a prayer, and then Father Roland Mrad welcomed the participants and introduced the meeting’s agenda. Dr. Elia Elia, President of Hadath al-Jabbeh sector, presented an overview of the development in the concerned region, its relationship with the central administration, and its future vision.

As for Father Michel Abboud, he stressed the importance of fulfilling the duties related to the work of the commissions, offices, and sectors coordination. He also expressed the need to fulfill requirements and to comply with general directives.

One of the main objectives of this closed meeting was sharing the experiences of stakeholders and those in Charge of the various offices, and the affairs related to organizing the sector’s work with the Heads through successive presentations displaying their activities, directives, and general requirements.

Dr. Kareen Elia, member of the Complaints Authority, explained how to deal with potential incidents occurring at Caritas. Mr. Michel Farah gave accurate explanations about the budget, the balance sheet, and the administrative and financial measures to be followed. Ms. Maya Nohra detailed the financial regulation in a clear organizational accounting control structure. Mr. Charbel Zeidan, Program Manager, addressed whether and how to write and present projects for the sectors and respective regions to succeed in their initiation.

To conclude, the Head of the Upper Chouf sector, Dr. Salima Al-Bustani, talked about the humanitarian and social issues and the development of the sector at Caritas Lebanon.

President Father Michel Abboud thanked all those who supported Caritas' mission through contributions and donations from abroad and expressed the readiness of foreign relations, which in general took charge of the annual participation for this year due to the constrained budget in Lebanon.