“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”- Sigmund Freud

Mental health is globally identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the state of well-being, the ability to cope with normal stresses of life, adapt to change, and to productively contribute to the community.

Locally, Lebanon has witnessed major deficiencies on all levels, especially during the year of 2020 due to the disastrous Beirut Port Explosion, and the economic collapse that coincided with the covid-19 pandemic outbreak. During this time, various international organizations, local NGOs, experts and activists rushed to support the Lebanese people who still cling onto the hope for better life opportunities, and still deserve better chances at a stable life in a nurturing environment.

During this period of time, Caritas Lebanon amplified its humanitarian interventions due to the spread of coronavirus that generated several lockdowns and subsequently high ranks of stress, depression and anxiety.

Caritas Lebanon’s healthcare department provides primary healthcare including mental health services through its Mental Health Unit that offers psychiatric consulting sessions, psychological follow-ups held by professional and devoted Clinical psychologists and Psychiatrists, as well as complimentary medication at our Primary Healthcare Centers: PHCC’s.

Unfortunately, all of the devastating incidents that hit the Lebanese people in times of instability not only affected their physical health generally, but also their mental health. As the hectic daily routine gave rise to a huge demand for psychological support and psychiatric treatment, the economic situation rendered these consultations an unaffordable luxury. In addition to impacting the provision of Psychotropic medications, of which there is a shortage in pharmacies throughout the nation.

Within this context, Caritas Lebanon’s dynamic response to the unprecedented devastating overall situation incorporated in the intensive provision of professional paramedical services and Mental Health support for gratis.

During this critical period of time, our loyal partners and donors generously stood beside our mission to support vulnerable people in times of crisis and funded various efficient projects which were implemented by Caritas Lebanon consisting of MH components such as:

MH services: individual sessions, Psychiatric consultations

Psychotropic Medication provision

Psycho-educational support groups

MH Awareness sessions

PSS activities for Children

Staff Capacity Building

Staff Self Care

In line with this plan of action, and the month of May being the Mental Health Month, we at Caritas Lebanon decided to shed the light on the importance of mental healthcare through the awareness and informative campaign posted on our social media platforms

The campaign focused on mental healthcare tips such as talking about personal feelings and anxiety to help patients deal with troubling times and to reach out to mental health experts for Psychological Support; a safe and a non-judgmental space. Also, it showcased the generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) checklist for awareness.

Today, we have attained a total of 12,730 Psychological Follow up sessions, and a total of 6,030 psychiatric sessions, all aligned with many additional mental health services provided by the mental health unit to any who need it, as well as vulnerable people living under very hard circumstances in six shelters.

We truly trust that our specialized psychologists and psychiatrists will stand beside your mental health struggles and disorders as always.

We trust that only experts in their fields are able to help you win this battle.

“You survived yesterday; you will overcome today, tomorrow you will conquer.”

- Angelique Rahmouche, Psychiatrist at Caritas Lebanon”

It is not easy as some people assume! Recovery is a lifelong journey, don’t be afraid of your own mind, don’t hesitate to seek help, don’t let your suffering last long and remember that there is courage, and tremendous strength in asking for help when you need it

Break the taboo! It is OK to speak about Mental Health, depression, psychological disorders and medications.

“Let the mental health month be a reminder to always take care of your well-being, and that it is okay not to be okay, and there is no need to worry in silence, most of your illnesses are treatable”-

Sami Chalhoub, Mental Health Coordinator at CL

If you need psychological support, please do not hesitate to contact the mental health professionals at Caritas Lebanon who are ready to support you Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm on the following

Hotline: 81 396879

Our PHCC’s are located in

Dahr El Ein, 06 415 881

Tripoli, 06 423 640

Sin El Fil, 01 499 767

Sed El Bauchrieh, 01 888 868

Zahle, 08 806 291

Reyfoun, 09 953 550

Sarba, 09 637 277

Sour, 07 741 221

Sayda, 07 732 268

Deir El Qamar, 05 511 616