The agro-processing sector is a major contributor to the Lebanese economy and is developing despite the difficult current situation.

The Gharb el Aala agro-processing center is operating daily, even during the lockdown, with 18 women producing all kinds of preserves. Since November 2020, they have been expanding their activities by providing seasonless goods and frozen stocks like salty pastries, crackers, biscuits, ghraibeh, pumpkin kibbeh, zahr el laymoun, rose water, chich barak, pasta, shortbread, zalabia, garlic powder, onion powder, basil, mint, kaak, etc... These products are sold in 4 stores in Baysour and available for delivery in the surrounding area. The women’s hard work and dedication are allowing them to generate a daily income of 38,000 LBP, and to ensure their livelihoods taking into consideration that some of them are the only provider in the family. Under the BALADI program funded by USAID and implemented by Caritas Lebanon, the Garb El Aala Union received an in-kind grant of more than $161,000 for the rehabilitation and equipment of the center and the training of the women.