Caritas Lebanon, Achrafieh sector, organized a series of events for Christmas with 120 children and 25 families alongside elderly members from the community.

The events included entertainment, costumed performances and many other activities. The sector also distributed gift vouchers, worth 150,000 LBP each, to the children attending the events as well as Christmas gifts for all ages. The Sector also generously provided the residents with giveaways in order to truly embrace the Christmas spirit including hot meals, gift vouchers, hygiene kits and cakes.

In Baabda, Caritas helped at bring joy to families living under difficult circumstances through the distribution of 50 gifts to the children of the village in coordination with Caritas Youth Baabda and the sector members. 100 loaves of bread and bags of rice were distributed to residents.

In Antelias, Caritas youth organized a Christmas party for 500 children and gifts were distributed to all attendees. The youth also toured the town's streets and distributed sweets to passersby celebrating the birth of Christ.

In Mazraat Yachouh, Caritas Youth organized its annual activity in collaboration with the Municipality, entitled “Santa race”, at Mazraat Yachouh boulevard. At the opening Santa Claus distributed uniforms to the participants and held a series of entertaining games in which the winners received valuable prizes. All participants received colouring books and candies during the event.

Caritas Youth of the Metn Region escorted Santa Claus alongside some personalities to visit the children and cheer them up while handing them gifts and delighting their hearts. They also prepared and distributed the “meghli” dessert to people passing by as a kind gesture to wish them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Amidst the delightful ambiance of Christmas festivities, Caritas Youth in Metn area visited a number of families and a group of blind people in the region to distribute some gifts and wish them prosperity.
Also, Caritas youth organized a shop for clothes at the Church of Our Lady of Al-Maounat – Bologna's Salon, whereas a large number of families in the region benefited from the free Bazaar.

In Keserwan, Caritas Youth wrapped up the Christmas activities by visiting less fortunate elderly people in the region on New Year's Eve. Caritas provided dinners, blankets, wool boxes and an envelope of money funded by the Youth account.

In Jbeil, Caritas Lebanon distributed 100 food kits, 50 packages of cleaning supplies, 250 meals as well as medications to families in need. Also, 100 gifts such as toys and clothes were given to the children of the region.

In Bint Jbeil, Caritas distributed 1,050 gifts donated by the Italian forces to the children of the region on the occasion of Christmas holidays.

In the coastal side of Chouf-Damour, Caritas Youth distributed 167 hot meals to the elderly in the region.

In Deir al-Qamar, Caritas Youth organized a tour visiting all the residents in their homes, where they entertained the children in town and distributed candies.

Caritas Youth, in Marjayoun - Hasbaya region, decorated the town on the glorious occasion of Christmas in cooperation with the municipality.

In Jezzine, Caritas distributed 150 food kits, 150 hot meals, 50 boxes of cleaning supplies, 75 packs of milk and fuel for heating were provided to 55 families.

In the northern Bekaa, Caritas Youth of Deir Al-Ahmar village distributed gifts and desserts to families and passers-by. They also installed a Christmas tree and a crib in one of the family's house and provided the family members with gifts and food.

In the Bekaa center, Caritas Youth decorated a Christmas tree in the house of an elderly person living under hard circumstances.

In the western Bekaa and Rashaya, Caritas Youth distributed sweets and face masks to all the children of the region.

Caritas Youth set up the Christmas decorations of Saint Elias Church” in the Qanayah-Saida neighborhood. Moreover, they organized a bazaar for clothes in which all the residents of the region participated in.

As for Saida, Caritas Lebanon participated in creating a delightful ambiance for Christmas festivities by distributing food kits to the less fortunate families of Saida in collaboration with Rouh Zouroun bi Baytoun Association. Also, the Youth offered gifts and Christmas cakes.

In Akkar, Caritas Youth organized a series of social and humanitarian activities during the holidays, including a 2 day clothes Bazaar, distribution of 200 food parcels and 200 boxes of cleaning supplies. The Youth also visited a family at home and decorated their tree and also distributed 100 gifts for the children on Christmas Eve.

In Ehden, Caritas Youth distributed 212 kilograms of meat and chicken. They also prepared food for the elderly at the Kfaryachit shelter.

In Koura, Caritas Youth organized a Christmas entertaining activity for the children whereas they distributed gifts to spread cheer during these difficult times. They also provided Christmas dinner meals to 50 families living in the region.

In Batroun, Caritas Youth greeted families and distributed gifts to the children and provided food kits.