On the 9th of December 2020, the Nuncio to Lebanon, H.E. Archbishop Joseph Spiteri, welcomed a Caritas delegation from different countries.
The visit was led by Father Michel Abboud, President of Caritas Lebanon alongside a delegation from Caritas Lebanon. The meeting included representatives from a number of Caritas arms operating in Lebanon including Donough Ryan representing Caritas USA, Sarah Omrane representing Caritas Switzerland, Karam Abi Yazbeck representing Caritas MONA, Julia Renck representing Caritas Germany and Hombeline Duliere representing CAFOD & SCIAF.

Father Abboud opened the meeting saying “this is a family gathering that represents the many arms of Caritas operating working under one roof, our Catholic church, the Vatican, and the holy father present here among us now and through your excellency Archbishop, representing the Vatican City. We are here today to tell you about the many Caritas activities in Lebanon” Dr. Rita Rhayem introduced the strategies of Caritas Lebanon as well as the guidelines and schemes of communication conducted between Caritas Lebanon and Caritas International. The new Director of Programs ,Mr. Charbel Zeidan, showcased an overview of the projects executed in coordination with Caritas donors and Caritas Internationalis other bodies. Presentations were also provided by each representative of Caritas, showcasing their projects.