Baysour Establishes New Agro-processing Center Operated by 40 Women Villagers Friday 24 May 2019

USAID through the BALADI Project implemented by Caritas provided $200,000 worth of rehabilitation and equipment to establish the agro-processing center, while Gharb El Aala Union of Municipalities contributed $52,000 for the location and part of the rehabilitation works. The agro-processing center enables 40 women to increase their income through producing and selling a variety of jams and preserves. Together they produce, market, and sell all their products under a unified brand-name "Baladiyat".   

On May 24, 2019, forty women from Gharb Al Aala Union of Municipalities (14 municipalities in Aley district) completed USAID-funded theoretical and practical training on food processing and received certificates of participation. The forty women operate the USAID-assisted agro-processing center located in Baysour and serving the entire villages of Gharb El Aala Union of Municipalities.