Ongoing Legal Awareness Sessions for Refugees, Funded by Cordaid Tuesday 24 January 2017

Caritas Lebanon has been organizing a series of legal awareness sessions for the Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon as part of the Syria Joint Humanitarian Response (SJR2) project, funded by Cordaid. Due to the war’s chaotic results witnessed by Syria’s neighboring countries like Lebanon and Jordan that host millions of refugees, NGOs realized that awareness sessions for refugees is as crucial as housing them. This is because those sessions aim at educating refugees about their legal rights and the legal steps they have to take to legitimize their stay in the country, which is one step forward towards reducing the crisis.

In every session, a lawyer from Caritas Lebanon guides the refugees through all the necessary procedures such as: renewing their residencies, marriage registration, child registration, etc… The lawyer also provides the attendees with warnings and tips to avoid fraud and complications.