Launch of “RECOGNIZE. PROTECT. REALIZE” Tuesday 02 May 2017

Today Caritas Lebanon, Austria and Armenia and the European Union officially launched the project Recognize. Protect. Realize (RPR). The main goal of the project is to defend the human rights of marginalised and vulnerable refugee families, asylum seekers and migrants living in Lebanon as well as to provide safe migration of Syrian-Armenian refugees from Lebanon to Armenia. The three-year action is funded by the European Union with a budget of 1 Million Euros.

The event was attended by representatives of different embassies, NGOs and partners. The speakers were President of Armenian Caritas Archbishop Raphael Minassian, Bishop Kevork Assadorian representing Armenian Catholic Patriarchy of Cilicia, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon Julia Koch, Ambassador of Austria to Lebanon Marian Alexander Wrba, Ambassador of Armenia to Lebanon Samvel Mkrtchyan, President of Caritas Lebanon Father Paul Karam, and the Programme Officer of Caritas Austria Robert Moosbrugger. A presentation of the project was delivered along with testimonies of beneficiaries.   

Lebanon has become one of the most important safe havens for refugees fleeing war in Syria as well as a stop-over in the migration route for Syrian-Armenian refugees in transit. At the same time Lebanon is a destination for temporary migrant workers coming from mainly Africa and Asia.  Although many of these migrants have been granted regular statues, a significant number still have irregular statues. Yet, lack of residency status constricts the freedom of movement of people and affects their access to basic services, assistance and livelihood opportunities. The project pursues the following objectives:

  • Advocate for policies to protect the rights of migrants (incl. asylum seekers and refugees) and to monitor the implementation of respective policies.
  • Enhance the abilities of migrants (incl. asylum seekers and refugees) to access their rights and to prevent negative impacts resulting from migration

In addition to vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers and migrants (around 3500 people), the action will benefit local organisations, NGOs, law enforcement personnel, ministries and state departments. Awareness raising activities targeting broader publics are foreseen. Caritas Lebanon will implement the RPR action with coordination support from its partner organisation Caritas Austria.grass-roots