In Less than a Month: 469 Medical Assistance to Lebanese Communities Friday 20 December 2019

Starting the 20th of December 2019, Caritas’s health department’s Medical Mobile Unit has been visiting several rural areas across Lebanon to provide free medical consultations and distribute medicines for communities where medical aid and services are limited, not available, or inaccessible. The Medical Mobile Units visits, since December, has been able to provide help for around 469 individuals.

The campaign comes in context of implementing the health department’s mission for 2019 -2020 whose aim is to facilitate health services for those who can’t afford it, or those who don’t have access to it. In September 2019 Caritas Lebanon and with the support of Caritas Spain, was able for the first time to provide the areas of Bekaa and Akkar with healthcare services. 

The services of the medical mobile unit include medical consultation, nursing care, distribution of medications, health awareness sessions, and distribution of hygiene kits. The project targets mainly beneficiaries, vulnerable refugees, and their host communities who are deprived from any kind of medical services.