Countess of Wessex Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones and Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon Visit Caritas Lebanon Cedars’ Shelter on June 13 Thursday 13 June 2019

Her royal Highness, a member of the British royal family and the wife of Prince Edward, along with Minister of state for the Commonwealth and the UN Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon spent time at Caritas Cedar’s Shelter as part of their visit to Charitable NGOs in Lebanon who are offering support to most vulnerable communities and strengthening friendship between the UK and Lebanon.

Cedar shelter is one among the 5 Caritas established shelters since 2006 within a capacity of 80 persons. The shelter hosts vulnerable refugees, female refugees who have faced sexual and gender based violence, unaccompanied refugee children and minors as well as migrant women and their children where Caritas team offers the basic needs support; psychosocial, education, medical and legal aid until more permanent solutions can be found.

During her stop the Countess were introduced to Caritas’ programs, toured the shelter and met some of the beneficiaries. The visit reinforced Caritas efforts to tackle human trafficking and gender based violence.