Caritas organized a panel discussion with the presence of the British Ambassador, the Representative of the Ministry of Justice & 33 judges on protection of women and other family members from family violence (Law 293) Friday 30 November 2018

On November 30th at Padova Hotel, within “Protecting women and girls from violence in Lebanon” project funded by the British Embassy, Caritas Lebanon organized a Panel Discussion on Law number 293 on the Protection of Women and other Family Members from Family Violence. This panel discussion was opened in the presence of the British Ambassador, the Ministry of Justice representative and Caritas Lebanon President Rev. Father Paul Karam.

Judges Nadim El Nachef and Ziad Mkanna were invited as guest speakers. 30 other judges, lawyers and paralegal officers were attending. This panel was ended by recommendations to advocate the enforcement of the law 293, that will guarantee sustainable access of victims to justice. In fact, the prosecution of the perpetrators of VAWG should be preserved even when the victim is undocumented (stateless, or in irregular stay), and without arresting the victim because of her legal status. This will deter potential future perpetrators from abusing undocumented women and girls and stop commit violence against them assuming that victims will not file a complaint for fear of being arrested.