Kfarmishki Saves 35% of Household Electricity Bills  Wednesday 08 May 2019

BALADI Project implemented by Caritas Lebanon and funded by USAID provided 220 solar panels and a generator to assist the municipality of Kfarmishki establish a hybrid backup electricity generation system that benefits the entire village.

The village suffered from power blackouts reaching up to 12 hours per day. The presence of 230 Syrian refugees also placed an additional strain on electric infrastructure. Now Kfarmishki village reduced the electricity bills of households by at least 35% in value of $11,250 (about $45,000 per year). USAID assistance worth $200K and implemented by Baladi, enabled the municipality to establish the solar farm hybrid system; the municipality contributed an additional $40K worth of civil works for the system.

Kfarmishki municipality placed the solar farm on the roof of an abandoned public school, a smart step to overcome lack of municipal land. Six part-time jobs were created in Kfarmishki for monitoring and maintenance of the solar farm system, collection of fees, and bookkeeping.