Caritas Lebanon Annual Donation Campaign

21 February 2021

Under the slogan “Together for a better life”, Caritas Lebanon launched, on the twenty-first of February, the annual donation campaign 2021. This campaign aims to reach thousands of vulnerable Lebanese families and provide them with social, healthcare, educational, and development-oriented support.

Considering that Lebanese people are facing an economic and living crisis, the campaign is addressing this year to expatriates, in particular, asking for their support in its humanitarian mission. Therefore, it can lend a helping hand to families and individuals most in need, and pursue its various programs through Caritas sectors across different Lebanese regions. Donations can happen online via bank transfer at, or via OMT centers.

The campaign was launched during a celebratory mass presided over by the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi at the patriarchate in Bkerké. During his sermon, His Holiness insisted on, “the essential role of Caritas Internationalis and the sister Caritas organizations across countries, international organizations, foreign governmental institutions, and international Community-Based Organizations in lending a helping hand to the afflicted". He also paid tribute to “all the philanthropists from Lebanon and abroad, individuals, institutions, and countries, who lent a helping hand to Caritas so that it could pursue its various programs and address the Corona pandemic and the Beirut blast consequences.”

During his speech, President of Caritas Lebanon, Father Michel Abboud confirmed: "Caritas is working hard to prevent hunger." He also explained: "Some people do not have any money or income, even to ensure one’s daily bread, and beside those, we shall stand. I call for prayer for every donor because every time you give, you invest in your afterlife with God and you receive prayer in return.”

During a press conference held at the organization’s central headquarters in Sin El Fil, Father Abboud announced the campaign’s goals: “There are tens of thousands of families who depend on us, we are going through tough times and we are trying to face them. Do not be afraid, cooperate with us so we coordinate together, because what matters for us is helping the poor to live with dignity, and thus, aid arrives at the right time to the right place."

    Aid provided in 2020:
  • 538912 healthcare services for 33182 beneficiaries
  • 1000 educational services for 350 students
  • Social services for 50000 beneficiaries
  • Development services for 47207 beneficiaries
  • 1005 activities organized by Caritas Youth, targeting 52295 beneficiaries

Father Abboud added: "Anyone with human capacity, love for others, and affection in his heart are invited to volunteer with Caritas because we need him."

In parallel, a TV commercial was broadcasted on local and international TV stations and social media, to shed light on Caritas role in supporting the vulnerable Lebanese, and invite people to join its mission in helping our community.



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